Is cockroach milk the new superfood?

A large cockroach

Like humans, the young are directly nourished inside the womb by the mother before they are born. "The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats and sugars".

Cockroaches are reportedly hard to milk, a process that involves killing the insect, according to Inverse.

Researchers discovered that cockroach milk includes essential amino acids and much more protein compared to other sorts of milk on the marketplace, which makes it a fantastic prospect for your upcoming good superfood trend. However, there is no scientific basis or general regulation for what may be considered as a superfood. Foods like blueberries, broccoli, and salmon are known as a superfood.

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A superfood is a food that is very rich in compounds beneficial for prevention of disease or overall health. Now it is expected that cockroach milk will be soon added to the list of superfoods.

"Think of Entomilk as a sustainable, nature-friendly, nutritious, lactose-free, delicious, guilt-free dairy alternative of the future", South African company Gourmet Grubb writes. The size of a cockroach also means that each one contains just a miniscule amount, with just 100 grams of milk produced from killing over 1,000 cockroaches. Maybe this is not for humans.

Hence, you can still wait before you start dreading the onset of insect milk flooding the markets.

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Sharing his experience, another researcher told US National Public Radio that he tried the milk and it tasted no different from cow's milk.

It turns out cockroaches on Pacific Islands like Hawaii are filled with a milk-like substance that crystallizes in the gut, before being used to feed their young.

But there are a few major hurdles to cross first; namely how to farm this specific breed of cockroaches on a mass scale, because as Goop point out, the process of milking a cockroach is "precise and laborious", and how to get people over the thought of drinking a milk from bugs. This process involves killing the cockroach to obtain the crystals. However, the list of superfoods has expanded and people are consuming more superfoods to live a healthy life.

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At this point the only way to milk a cockroach is with filter paper, putting aside cultures of yeast with the genes for making milk.

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